Steve Topple is an independent journalist and broadcaster.

His opinions have been cited as “ultra-left and sectarian” by Owen Jones, while many consider him a firebrand of the freelance world, with an acerbic tongue and a no-nonsense style.

Permanently based at The Canary as a writer, he has frequently contributed to the Independent, the CommonSpace, Morning Star, openDemocracy, Red Pepper, Occupy and INSURGEIntel, and can be seen/heard as a regular commentator on RTUK, Al Jazeera and talkRadio.

He has recently launched the Topple Galloway Show with George Galloway on Patreon and is a regular news reviewer for Going Underground. He also now has a weekly podcast for The CanaryTopple Uncaged – and has begun writing for New Internationalist.

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  1. alternatives2014 · March 20

    Hope my articles may help. We’re on the same page re ME. For Nicola…your care is the best treatment available. Every bit of exertion used to get to a doctor is energy diverted from use by her immune system. and doctors do not have an effective treatment. Carefully evaluate each visit, because the exertion will have caused harm…..was there a benefit that was greater than that harm? If not…..Some even long- term patients start to improve once they have ‘given up’.


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