Steve Topple is an independent journalist, broadcaster and publicist.

He specialises in issues surrounding disability, health, housing, class, economics and government. ‘Mr Topple’ is also now making waves as an innovative music journalist, breaking the mould in terms of his approach to the industry. He regularly writes for one of the world’s leading music sites, Reggaeville, and is also in partnership with the blossoming Pauzeradio in the UK – offering competitive and professional publicist services. His music reviews have a reputation for being technically in-depth and unique in music journalism.

Permanently based at the groundbreaking The Canary as a broadcaster and staff writer, he has frequently contributed to the Independent (having covered Prime Minister’s Questions on a weekly basis for them), New Internationalist, the CommonSpace, Morning Star, openDemocracy, Red Pepper, Occupy and INSURGEIntel. He can be seen/heard as a regular commentator on RTUK, Al Jazeera and talkRadio, and has appeared on the BBC political comedy show The Mash Report.

He launched the Topple Galloway Show with renowned politician George Galloway on Patreon in 2018, and is a regular news reviewer for Going Underground. He also has a weekly podcast for The CanaryTopple Uncaged.

Currently, he has also branched out into medical and science investigatory journalism, having direct personal experience of this with his partner Nicola Jeffery.

Follow him on social media @MrTopple

Commissions welcomed – contact via Twitter.

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  1. alternatives2014 · March 20, 2019

    Hope my articles may help. We’re on the same page re ME. For Nicola…your care is the best treatment available. Every bit of exertion used to get to a doctor is energy diverted from use by her immune system. and doctors do not have an effective treatment. Carefully evaluate each visit, because the exertion will have caused harm…..was there a benefit that was greater than that harm? If not…..Some even long- term patients start to improve once they have ‘given up’.



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  3. paul robinson · September 10, 2019

    Hi Steve

    Have just discovered your pod & wanted to say how much I enjoyed your interviews with Protege, Yellowman & Third World. Its clear you love this stuff and that your interviews with these guys are a true labour of love.

    I have one selfish request. Misty in Roots have always been my favourite band and even he newer members rarely do interviews.

    Reflecting some of these major acts ypu have recently interviewed I am sure you could bring them to the mic !

    Please please please give it a try 🙂

    Keep up the good work.




  4. Gary Hudson · April 27, 2020

    ‪I could, conceivably do the massage you’re asking about on Twitter. I’m based in SE12.Could you contact me by email, please? gary@spiritbased.com


  5. Rona Topaz · March 23, 2022

    Dear Steve:
    I was thrilled to read that you are now extending the Amplfy programme to disabled people who are not in paid work. I am currently in paid employment for now but it is a fixed term contract. Can you please send me info on how to apply for the scheme when my contact is close to the end?

    How is your other half doing? All the best to Nicola.

    Many thanks

    Rona Topaz


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