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Wendy Errington

I’m one of the 26% of over 55’s - who use social media to garner their internet news. Oooh I do like to be – not the norm!

I’m on Twitter. Couldn’t ever get with this ‘friends’ thing on Facebook. It felt a bit harsh not to be friends with someone! And people wrote reams. Whereas a tweet had the delight (to me) of only being 140 characters long. Just like texts years ago. I loved the challenge of the limit. Still do.

My grown up children however are not too impressed. On holiday recently I was told to get off Twitter! More than once.

Not only is it my source of news but it’s my source of inspiration & fun. I’ve RTd and won tickets to the theatre once. It’s my outlet for my outrage at various issues. It has galvanised me into supporting causes by going to rallies…

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