Jeremy Corbyn: is the unelectable, electable?

So, I wrote a series of articles last week, on the situation within the Labour party and the ongoing battle for the leadership.

They were actually intended as one article, but owing to the length I decided to split them into three parts, spread across three nights.

The articles look at the accusations of Corbyn’s “far left” ideology, the problems with Blair’s “Third Way” and Miliband after him, and broadly whether Corbyn is, and should be, electable as prime minister.

Here are the three pieces, linked, so if people wish to read them as an entire work they can.

Part one: the Labour leadership: the smearing of Corbyn supporters is a disgraceful game 

Part two: this is the real reason Corbyn’s being set upon by the Blairites

Part three: Corbyn must be the UK’s next prime minister – and here’s why


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