My “Top Ten” articles of 2016. So far.


Call this egotistically self-indulgent, if you want. But I thought I would compile a “Top Ten” of what I consider to be the best pieces I’ve written so far this year.

When you write for yourself, then try and get other people to publish it, and then when they do, you generally only ever have yourself and your friends on social media to rely on to promote your work – because as a freelancer, your platforms don’t generally feel obliged to push your work as much as those with whom they have a financial contract.

So, anyway – here’s my top ten. See if you’ve missed any, and let me know if you have any thoughts.

Thanks, as always, for reading and sharing.

Much appreciated.

At number ten:

“Trade Unions – the serpents eating their own tails”

Well – someone needed to grow a pair and say it.

At number nine:

“PMQs: the way Cameron crumbled under pressure was a lot uglier than any of Jeremy Corbyn’s suits”

I included this as it was the most shared PMQs analysis I’ve seen, so it obviously touched a nerve.

At number eight:

“The UK’s drink problem – a socioeconomic one?”

I picked this for several reasons: because I’ve been there; because I’m sick of misrepresentation and because no-one else will say it.

At number seven:

“Iain Duncan Smith resigns: the ‘Grim Reaper’ has gone”

I chose this because it was one of those things that wrote itself, in a hour – which writing that is founded in anger generally does.

Iain Duncan Smith resigns: The Grim Reaper is gone

At number six:

“Of smoke, mirrors, cartels, and a ‘7-day NHS'”

I was very proud of this as I’m obviously not a medical professional, but many of the Junior Doctors said it was excellent – and it was a properly forensic investigation.

At number five:

“Trident: how the banks have their fingers on every button”

This was the only thing I’ve ever written which went “viral” – it has been quoted left, right and centre, globally.

At number four:

“Yemen: 300 days of the world’s forgotten conflict”

I wrote this before the Guardianista commentariat found it “fashionable” enough to warrant their time.

At number three:

“Bisexuality, the LGBTQ+ community and class: we need a resolution”

I don’t “do” identity politics (as I explain in the article), but I had stuff I needed to say, and that thought needed to be said.

At number two:

“Simon Danczuk, the media & alcoholism: peak hypocrisy”

I wrote this is one sitting as I was furious, and tired of the way addicts are perpetually admonished in the press; unless, of course, the addicts are celebrities or politicians – then they’re heroes.

At number one:

“Profits of death: disaster capitalists fan flames of war in Syria”

This is the most extensive piece of writing I’ve ever done. In my life. Ever. An investigation which should be a game-changer. But as with everything that hasn’t got MSM behind it – few people are interested, so brick wall and head spring to mind.


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