Eight “things”, done by me, this week.


Links to the seven articles that I’ve had out this week, plus my appearance on Consented TV – have a browse, and see if you’ve missed any.

Is the UK better off in, or out, of the EU? A Consented TV debate:

Is the UK better off in or out of the EU?

Profits of death: disaster capitalists fan flames of war in Syria:Β 


PMQs: hugging huskies? Cameron was just talking “Green Crap”:

#PMQs: air pollution, fracking, solar panels, climate change

Budget 2016: a systematic betrayal of society’s most vulnerable:

Budget 2016: A systemic betrayal of the most vulnerable in society

The EU referendum: wake me up when it’s over:


#WeeklySwipe: a Budget 2016 “Special”:

#WeeklySwipe: Budget 2016, Sugar taxes and more cuts for the disabled

Jeremy Hunt: still “no confidence” – still no to the Junior Doctor’s contract:

Jeremy Hunt: still no confidence, still no to #juniordoctors contract.

Iain Duncan Smith resigns: the “Grim Reaper” is gone:

Iain Duncan Smith resigns: The Grim Reaper is gone

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