What should the #Lexit argument look like ?

Finn Brennan

I think it was Owen Jones who coined the phrase “Lexit” in a Guardian article last July. He invited debate on whether the left could any longer support remaining in the EU given the treatment of Greece, the wholesale adoption of neo-liberalism and the threat to democracy from free trade rules and treaties like TTIP. He warned, quite rightly I think, that “without a Left Out campaign, UKIP could displace Labour right across northern England”.
But so far there hasn’t been much sign of a left out “#lexit” campaign emerging. Just three trade unions, RMT, BFAWU and my own union ASLEF have supported the Leave position so far, while the TUC and the bigger unions have lined up behind the Labour Party and Remain. A host of progressive left wing figures have backed “Another Europe is Possible” arguing for a radical remain position that breaks with the free market and…

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