The Politics of Violence Against Women

Superb article on the Lucy Allan “issue”, and more, from @HamHambreen

Left at the Lights

As a survivor of domestic violence and a repeat victim of online harassment and abuse that was neither acknowledged by the authorities (or the commentariat that was responsible for throwing me to the trolls in the first place) I am angry but also demoralised by the display of ignorance and entitlement our feminist women MPs have treated us to the last few weeks.

Lucy Allan the Conservative member of parliament for Telford was found to have lied about the death threat she had allegedly received in response to the fact she’d voted to bomb Syria. Similarly Stella Creasy lamented about the ‘call doxxing’ she’d clearly imagined being as there is no such thing. Doxxing is what happens when someone trawls the Internet for your home and work details, pasting them online so that anyone can have access to your private information. Trolls and those with actual criminal intent (to rape…

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