The etymology of Social Security: From Safety and Care to Disdain and Unworthiness


The following is a post built on thoughts by Dave Burns | @daveburns422

Has anyone else noticed a drift into a change in the language we use to explain the benefit system?

“Social Security” has somehow been replaced in the press and parliament by the words “Credits” and “Benefits” – Americanism’s that are generally a cause to look down upon the recipient.

In time gone by, the “Ministry for National Insurance” was hailed as one of the greatest achievements of post-war Britain – ensuring that those at the bottom rungs of society would never fall to the levels of poverty seen in the early part of the 20th century, but have support when needed “from the cradle to the grave” – and was reimaged as the “Department of Health and Social Security” in 1968.

But since the frenzied installation of the free markets and crony capitalism in the 80’s –…

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