Calling All Rebels

Got my sneak-preview copy today – and it looks superb.

Rupert Dreyfus

Hello everyone,

Some of you may know that very soon I’m going to be releasing a collection of 13 short stories called The Rebel’s Sketchbook. I’m set to send it to a number of people as a paperback and a number of people in digital format. However, I want to get this to even more people.

Here is the blurb:

“Maniac world leaders; talentless boybands; Westminster politicians; social media idiots; zero-hour contracts. Rupert’s first collection of short stories uses transgressive fiction, black comedy and satire as a weapon for shooting down all of these and more. Keeping the spirit of rebellion alive, The Rebel’s Sketchbook is set to become one of the most controversial and challenging releases in a generation.”

You’re probably wondering why it’s going to be the most challenging and controversial releases in a generation. I can’t honestly say it will be as it’s all just marketing nonsense. However, I’d be surprised if someone can point me in the…

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