Can you really call yourself an activist ?

This is absolutely superb, and sums up my own furious support for DPAC.



We all have our pet hates, things that for some reason have struck a chord, a company, a government policy, fracking, housing, cuts, NHS….etc. What ever we have chosen to support it is one of a hundred and one things we could have chosen to take to task. But they are all symptoms of the same capitalist system. We can pick and choose who and what we want to protest against when the fancy takes us. My mates are protesting against fracking, and others about the housing crisis and the gentrification of our neighbourhoods. The range of injustices is so vast you could go protest hopping everyday and some of us do. So we are all activists…….

Day after day I see members of DPAC (Disabled People Against the Cuts) out there blocking the roads, storming Parliament and Locking on. Day after day I hear of how many disabled people are…

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