Misunderstanding Austerity

Really interesting narrative here – one that hasn’t been given a lot of (if any) acknowledgement before.

Seriously worth a read.

Kevin Nebula

No austerity and no cuts means no capitailsm Does the Left misunderstand austerity’s origins?

There is a lot of talk about austerity, about having less austerity, more or even none. For those on the right this is a legitimate activity, but for those on the left who continually use the rhetoric of austerity, that they want less or even no austerity, they are making a serious category error, particularly because they do not question why we have austerity in the first place: capitalism. There are many on the left who only talk of less austerity, it must be assumed that they are not questioning the supreme place that neo-liberal capitalist economy holds in contemporary Western culture. For those on the left who want to see the end of austerity and do not question austerity’s origin in capitalism, it appears that they are misunderstanding austerity.

Capitalism Is The Ideology Not Austerity

A fundamental misunderstanding of austerity is in thinking…

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