A concise, heart-felt and pertinent reflection of how I imagine the majority of left-leaning Labour supporters currently feel – abandoned, but crying out for a glimmer of hope.

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It has become noticeable in recent years that there is an increasing disconnect between the Labour Party and the very people it should be representing.
Tony Blair’s so-called Third Way may have won over many disaffected Tory voters in the 1990’s, but ‘New’ Labour also lost much of their core-support along the way, including me. I believe during this period Labour in effect sold its soul, by embracing a social-democratic brand of neo-liberalism. This was the point when I became lost to the Labour Party.
I have not forgotten how New Labour during its tenure introduced authoritarian civil-liberty curbing legislation at break-neck speed. Blair’s so-called humanitarian-interventionism bought chaos to the Middle East and resentment at home. Back in 2003, despite being a life-long Labour supporter I found myself marching against them in London, my city of birth. I know there were many tens, maybe hundreds of thousands like me who…

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