#TTIP – an important analysis of the nefarious ISDS regulations.

With the nefarious Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) still potentially very much on the agenda, the debate still rages in public, and the negotiations still continue in private.

One of the most controversial elements is any application of the ISDS regulations that are already in place in the EU. “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” laws, in a nutshell, give a corporation the right to sue a government, if they are unhappy with how they have been treated in relation to their “investor rights”.

A pertinent example would be Philip Morris, the tobacco giant, suing the Australian government, using ISDS laws, in response to the latter legislating on the plain packaging of cigarettes.

Any analysis on ISDS, in my opinion, is welcome, therefore I believe it is important to share the below – a report by Gus van Harten of the Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada.

It is a fairly long read, but essential for anyone involved, or with an interest in, TTIP.

Many thanks to @KayBrannigan for bringing it to my attention.

*For information purposes only, no copyright etc, etc.

Analysis of ISDS

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