Musical Matters...

derelict3If I had my way — and don’t worry: it’s an eventuality that increasingly seems unlikely — I’d make sure that no-one could go to university to study ‘arts’ or ‘humanities’ subjects unless they’d actually studied at least one serious science subject to ‘A-level’ standard.

I have several reasons for saying this — not the least of which is that I myself studied two science subjects at A-level, and if I had to go through it I don’t see why other people shouldn’t. More importantly, there’s the seeming fact that people with a bit of real science in their mental armoury turn out to be a lot less susceptible to the mephitic fumes of post-modernist fantasy — with which the non-science parts of the modern academy seem to be disgustingly suffused. Most relevant to my present topic, however, is the scale and richness of the conceptual and terminological treasure-house that…

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